The people of Eastern Uganda have a dire need for better healthcare, including general and specific diagnoses, as well as timely treatment. However, there are very few healthcare centers, and those that exist are poorly staffed and under stocked. The hope is that this need can be addressed through the Hope & Healing Center (HHC) - a large, fully stocked and locally integrated hospital in the Iganga District, a region of more than 500,000 people.

Construction Plan

Phase 1: Surgical Unit

Phase 2: Maternity Ward

Phase 3: ER facilities

Phase 4: Pediatrics/General medicine



The second building  of the Surgical Unit (Block B) is coming along nicely. 

Jan 2021 we painted primer on the walls and are set to put in flooring and window frames.

February 2014:

Community land donation

March 2017: (click for photos)

Planted royal palm trees around the perimeter

July 2017:

Waiting for permission from the district board to begin the building process

November 2017: (click for photos)

Ground breaking on hospital property on November 11th!

Major Fundraising Campaign 

December 2017-May 2018:

Major Fundraising Campaign

June 2018:

Construction of Hospitality Center

October 2018: (click for photos)

Begin construction on Block C of Surgical Unit

February 2019:

Opening of Block C of Surgical Unit to the public

June 2020:

Began construction on Block B of Surgical Unit

March 2021:

proposed opening of Block B to the public