Home of HHC Hospital

HHC Hospital (Hope & Healing Center) is located in Kiwanyi village in Nawandala Subcounty of Iganga District.

We offer 24/7 care including:

  • Outpatient (with registered Medical Officer on each shift)
  • Inpatient (bedding provided)
  • Laboratory 
  • Pharmacy
  • Major and Minor Surgeries (with a registered surgeon on full time staff)
  • Ultrasound services (every Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm)


For more information please call 0200925596 (within Uganda)

Extending social, spiritual, and physical services with the love of Christ to those in need!

Christmas from Africa: CD

Check out the sample tracks below. CDs available in-person at speaking engagements, or contact us directly.

Full 10-track album is available on Apple Music or for purchase on iTunes by clicking here.

Dear friends,


More than just an album, this is in fact a lifeline. A lifeline to thousands struggling to access quality healthcare in my home country. 


Your purchase of this record is a direct contribution towards addressing their plight as my friends and I build a community hospital.




-Hum Kay