plan a visit

We at Something Deeper Ministries are so happy you have contacted us! Please fill out this application as the first step towards planning your trip to help serve in Uganda. (If you would prefer a physical copy of this form, please download it here and email it back to us at

Sample Tasks (to give you an idea of how you could help the effort already happening in Kiwanyi):

Hospitality/Daily Living Helping with hosting, cooking, cleaning, family life
Construction Walls, bathroom, plumbing, tiles, kitchen, wiring
Landscaping Design, gardening, brush removal, tree planting, pond
Community Development English camp, home visits
Disability/Special Needs Support Visits or training in home, center, hospital or school
Religious Pastor training, lay leaders training in Bible study, children's program, home visits
Medical Clinic work, follow up home visits, mini-topical lectures, organization of medical supplies, charting and other paperwork